Coppersea Green Malt Rye 375ml

Coppersea Green Malt Rye 375ml

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Tasting Notes �����Coppersea Green Malt Rye

Vital Stats:��90 proof, 100% malted Hudson valley rye, aged 0.7 years, 375ml bottle retails for around $90.

Nose:��Tomato leaf, paraffin, crayon wax, rye bread packed in sawdust, red hots, mildew, damp hay, wet sweater forgotten in the trunk of your car. Cinnamon and candied pineapple granola with nutmeg. With water, Elmer���s glue. Overall, strange, but so intriguing.

Palate:��An immediate blast of cinnamon, so strong that I would almost believe that this was flavored a la Fireball. You know when realtors boil cinnamon and cloves on the stove before an open house to make everything smell cozy? This is what I imagine that water tastes like after a long day on the back burner. It resolves in an chalky, almost powdery

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