Fords Sloe Gin 700ml

Fords Sloe Gin 700ml

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Our recipe combines our classic nine botanical London Dry Gin with hand-picked sloe fruit from France & England. It is sweetened for balance and cut to an ABV of 29%.

Sloe fruit, or 'drupes' as they are sometimes known, are plum-like fruit found on blackthorn bushes.  They are a species of flowering plant from the rose family, Rosaceae, and can be found in Europe, which creates a lot of foraging potential for their fruit in the hedgerows of the English countryside.  

Sloe Gin.

Sloes have been steeped in gin and sugar to make a liqueur known as 'Sloe Gin' for three centuries, however, this bittersweet combination didn't become a domestic staple in Britain until Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management was released in 1861.  Isabella Mary Beeton was an English journalist, editor, and writer whose debut book sold almost 2 million copies in 1868 alone.  The book featured two recipes for Sloe Gin, along with various punches, cocktails, sours, cobblers, and other fine tipples. 

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