Mezcal Union El Viejo 750ml

Mezcal Union El Viejo 750ml

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Mezcal Union Viejo uses farm-grown Espadin Agave and wild Tobala Agave. This is the pricier version of the more commonly found Uno and it is a sipping Mezcal. The Tobala is the King Agave and this Mezcal makes no mockery of that name or tradition. The blend of Espadin makes this Mezcal a much different experience than a straight Tobala.

Tasting Notes:
Astringent, Dry, Butter, Herbs (mint, pine), Flowery, Sweet, Stone and New Woods.

The first drink reveals its 100% artisan process with oak woods and mesquite. After you feel the agave caramelized notes, then flowery herbs tones of Tobal Agave, which starts to turn off the alcohol power leaving a long back sweet taste of Espadin Agave.

Tasting Summary:
Artisan strong body, buttery, artringent, herbal and a sweet clean smoke.

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