Prunier 20 Years Old Cognac 750ml

Prunier 20 Years Old Cognac 750ml

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For over two centuries the House of Prunier has preserved an oral memory of the trade and St��phane Burnez, son of Claude, grandson of Jean who was himself Alphonse Prunier nephew ��� and Alphonse being the son of Jean Prunier ��� aims to protect the heritage of the company. The family treasures, all witnesses of the past, are to be found at the historical site. An invaluable collection of coopers��� tools, posters, labels, old post cards of the town, bottles and decanters are the symbols of the history of Prunier.

In the heart of the town of Cognac, the House of Prunier has been perfecting the memory of the area for five generations. The unlimited aspects of the grapes and their multiple aromas are revealed in each of our products.

What would be cognac without the earth and the special light of our district. Full of sun, the vines of the Charente and the Charente Maritime express their opulence in the quality of ex

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