Rebellion Rye 750ml

Rebellion Rye 750ml

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Using traditional methods, Rebellion Bourbon is hand-craft ed by Master Distillers to provide spirits enthusiasts with a smooth and versatile artisanal bourbon that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks and that mixes well with a variety of cocktail ingredients. For bourbon lovers worldwide, Rebellion Bourbon represents superior quality for great value in a unique package whose stars will shine from the shelf.

Mash Bill: 70-72% Corn 20-23%  Small Grains of Rye & Barley

Proof: 94

Age: 6 years

Origin: Distilled and bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky - the bourbon capital of the world. Each limitedproduction small batch is hand-labeled and numbered using signifi cant dates that commemorate Opici’s history.

Distillation Process: Using a traditional copper still, Rebellion Bourbon is hand-craft ed by a master distiller and aged for 6 years in oak.

Tasting Notes: Rich in color and fl avor. A soft and sweet mouthfeel with distinct fl avors of ripe red cherries, hints of vanilla, honey, and syrup is off set by a complex, fl eshy palate. Nuts, dried apricots, and toasted grains combine in a broad, sweet fi nish

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