Springbank 10 year Local Barley 750ml 2021 (Available in store only)

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The Local Barley is an annual release made from barley grown in or around Campbeltown. Each year a local farmer is commissioned to grow barley on our behalf to continue producing this ‘grain to glass’ limited edition.

Farm: Glencraigs, by Campbeltown
Barley Variety: Belgravia
100% Bourbon
15,000 Bottles Worldwide

Distilled: May 2011
Bottled: December 2021

Nose - Delicate oral notes kick off this dram, along with hints of digestive biscuit and a cereal note reminiscent of the malt barns. The bourbon infuence is presented in notes of vanilla custard and custard creams. A fruity, cherry note develops over time.

Palate - The vanilla note from the nose develops on the palate into flavours of sweet, creamy victoria sponge. There are hints of honey and syrup, balanced with fresh barley water.

Finish - A light and sweet finish, with hints of salted caramel to round off this dram.

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