Umenoyado Brewery Yuzu Shu Liqueur 720ml - Japan

Umenoyado Brewery Yuzu Shu Liqueur 720ml - Japan

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Brewery: Umenoyado Shuzo • Prefecture: Nara • ABV: 8%

A bright citrus liqueur made with fresh yuzu juice, premium sake, high quality distillate, and a touch of rock sugar for sweetness.

Great chilled, on the rocks or as an accent to a cocktail.

Total yuzu juice content of 21%, the natural citrus oils and juice of handpicked fruit give an extremely bright expression of yuzu.

Refrigerate after opening, will keep flavor for months.

For years Umenoyado Brewery has set the standard for premium Japanese fruit liqueurs. Their Aragoshi (literally “roughly pressed”) yuzu-shu is a benchmark of the category, with fully 21% of the volume made from freshly pressed yuzu juice, with plenty of pulp.

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