Villa Jolanda Prosecco 750ml

Villa Jolanda Prosecco 750ml

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Tasting notes - 
Color: Light straw yellow color with greenish hints.
Nose: Characteristic, aromatic, rich of flowers and fruits scents.
Palate: Fresh, persistent, fruity taste.

Food pairing
Excellent aperitif and perfect with starters, main courses, cheese and seafood.

Sparking process
The sparkling process is obtained by using the "Charmat" natural refermentation method at a controlled temperature.

The grapes, picked manually, are immediately pressed and their must, filtered and refrigerated. Is fermented to get the basic wine for the following sparkling process.

White grapes : Glera (min. 85%). Chardonnay, Pinot, Verdisio, Perera, Bianchetta (max. 15% in total)

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